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United Patent Research LTD specializes in assisting its clients in taking their invention from a concept to a product which is attractive to a potential licensee. Our primary focus is using our systematic step-by-step process of research and development techniques to perfect the client's invention and take it from conception - to a patent - to fruition as a licensed product.

Safeguard your idea with our 5-step process

A patent protects your great idea from other inventors. Obtaining a patent is the only way to make sure that no one else benefits from your idea without your consent or knowledge.

United Patent Research LTD adheres to a 5-step product development process:

Step 1: Submit Your Idea

Submit your idea today for a preliminary review. Certain ideas are not patentable, and if that is the case, our staff will let you know.

Start today by submitting your idea!

Step 2: We Research Your Idea

We will research your idea and its potential marketability. We'll identify the market size, develop estimated prices, determine how your product would be manufactured, etc.

United Patent Research LTD provides most of this research in our report.

Find out more about our product research.

Step 3: We Protect Your Idea

Protect your idea with a patent or trademark! File for a United States patent with the USPTO, and international patents.

Read more about the protection our services can provide.

Step 4: Spread the Word

Spread the word and meet with manufacturers of similar products. Trade shows are a great place to meet up with manufacturers, who are always on the lookout for new products.

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Step 5: Monetize your Patent

Monetize your patent. Earn money from your patent by locating a company or individual who is interested in purchasing or licensing your patent. United Patent Research LTD works closely with a successful licensing company, Universal Licensing.

Read more about monetizing your idea.

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