Get Protected

Steps to Provide Protection for your Idea

  • Creativity - think of an invention that is useful, provides a need or is entertaining
  • Thoroughness - ensure you think through materials, full design, and durability
  • Originality - make sure you haven't seen an idea exactly like yours on the market already or how can I improve an existing product
  • Business mindfulness - Always think about your profit

Protect your Invention with a Patent

A patent is a document granting exclusive rights to an inventor. When your invention is legally protected by a patent, you have the exclusive rights to sell, manufacture, and produce the invention.

At United Patent Research LTD, we work with you to research, file and secure a patent for your product. Protecting your product domestically as well as internationally are things to consider when developing an invention.

We provide personal attention and focus on details to help make your invention profitable.

Protecting your product with a patent prevents invention theft. A patent also makes it easier to negotiate with manufacturers. Most manufacturers won't even consider working with a product that is not patented or patent pending.

Ensure your Ideas are Safe with a Trademark

A trademark protects and grants you exclusive rights to your intellectual property. Having a trademark is the way your customers recognize your company, services, or products. We work with you from beginning to end to obtain a trademark.

Legally protecting your mark (logo/name) with a trademark allows you exclusive rights to display the trademark. Distinguish yourself from your competitors. Your idea and profitability will be protected with a trademark. Contact us today!