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At United Patent Research LTD, we've been helping to secure ideas with patents since May 2007.

Our team of patent searchers, attorneys / agents, engineers, physicist, graphic artists, and technical writers are highly skilled. We work to highlight the benefits and appeals of your idea. We'll also assist with suggestions to improve your design.

Discover Legal Protection for Your Idea

We understand the importance of protecting your idea through patents and trademarks. We remain focused on the details for you.

While going through the process of obtaining your patent, you will want to feel secure that you are working with a highly qualified and experienced patent attorney. The patent attorneys working with our team are carefully selected to provide optimal service for our clients.

Get Exposure for Your Idea Through Trade Shows

Your idea will be included in trade shows and exhibitions when you work with us. Take a look at our upcoming trade shows.

Our skilled trade show representatives will present your idea to attending manufacturers. They'll then refer interested parties to our licensing affiliate, Universal Licensing LLC.

Thorough Follow-Up and Negotiation Assistance

You'll receive quality assistance from our licensing affiliate, Universal Licensing LLC. They'll help you negotiate a licensing agreement for royalties from manufacturers and distributors. You can see a list of our patented (or patent pending) clients who have worked with our affiliate, Universal Licensing. Universal Licensing works with you on a contingency basis, and requires no upfront fees.

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United Patent Research belongs to a number of reputable business associations, including:

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