United Patent Research's Two-Stage Protection Program

To help you achieve your goals, United Patent Research has developed a two-stage program.

The first stage is evaluation and assessment. We professionally evaluate and assess the merits of your invention idea. Our technical writers, patent attorneys, bonded patent draftsmen, and our full support staff all work together to complete the evaluation in your New Product Portfolio Report that you will be receiving soon.

The second phase (once your New Product Portfolio Report is complete) could include a Utility Patent, Design Patent, Provisional Application tor Patent, or an International Patent Application. It may also include a Trademark Application. The investment required tor a U.S. protection program may range from as low as $2,000 to approximately $10,000, depending on the type of legal protection you may want or need. You will have several choices regarding the way your invention will be protected and the amount you wish to invest. Please note that if your New Product Portfolio Report comes back with a negative review, UPR will not be able to assist you with legal protection. Further, the licensing affiliates only work with products that have potential merit.

After you become patent pending, you then will have the option of utilizing Universal Licensing (UL). They are responsible tor educating and assisting you with all your marketing and licensing requirements. There is NO COST to you tor UL services. UL will work on a contingency basis and only earn money if a successful licensing agreement is negotiated on your behalf. Once again, in order to take advantage of UL's program, an inventor must either have a patent or a patent pending status.