Client Stories

The following are the stories of inventors who have worked with United Patent Research LTD and Universal Licensing to protect and commercialize their invention ideas. Licensing assistance is provided by Universal Licensing.

Universal Licensing is an influential licensing company located in Owings Mills, MD. United Patent Research LTD counsels inventors on how to best achieve their goals and acquire legal protection for their ideas. Some clients already have established manufacturing and are seeking distributors. Other clients are talented in marketing and sales and are looking for a manufacturer to develop and produce their invention.

Most United Patent Research LTD clients, however, want to identify an existing company as a perfect business partner to produce and sell their invention.

Creative Invention for your Child's Safety

Mike Lucas is a volunteer fireman veteran of 25 years. He understands the fatality of accidents caused by fires, and in his experience was faced with numerous children huddled between beds for protection.

Mike Lucas and Herbie Hydrant

He decided to develop a product to help them in an emergency. Over the years, Mike developed Herbie Hydrant, a vibrant portable fire hydrant filled with the essentials needed for emergencies.

Herbie Hydrant is equipped with a clock, night light, flashlight, strobe light, siren, digital stopwatch, and a spare compartment for a child’s medical and emergency contact information.

Children are trained to grab Herbie in the event of an emergency. When Herbie is removed from his charging case, the strobe light and siren are triggered. The active light and sound enable rescue workers to find children quickly.

Mike Lucas is currently working with us and UL to reach out to national and international manufacturers and distributors for his child safety product.

Game Born from Inventor's Passion

Inventor Daryl Davidson has been an avid Nascar fan for many years. He has attended many races, and when he attended the California Speedway in Fontana, California, his idea of a dart-racing game came to him. He noticed that many people from all walks of life love to play darts. Many people love to watch other people play darts. In Daryl’s mind, it was America’s pastime to kill time. Being such an avid Nascar fan and seeing the magnitude of people playing games to occupy all the down time at a Nascar race, Mr. Davidson figured out a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Daryl Davidson and Dart Racing

By incorporating darts and racing together, he now has been marketing and selling his Dart Racing game. His product gives the excitement of Nascar racing as well as dart playing. The inner circle would be the racing area, while the outer circle would be the pit area. He has reworked the rules and started taking his game out to parties which then inspired him to have a professional prototype made.

UPR has been attending shows on Mr. Davidson’s behalf to help secure a licensing agreement and also has been able to get a U.S. and international patent issued as well.

New Ideas to Ease Muscle and Joint Pain

Clint Fruitman has a background in materials and biomedical engineering. He has invented the perfect way to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain in joints and muscles.

Those who have used Clint’s devices received dramatic pain relief without drugs, and many experienced a restoration of their quality of life.

CryoTENS is a single device that can provide cold therapy plus nerve and muscle stimulation. This product provides pain relief for 3 to 6 hours and is designed for office or home use. CryoTENS is easy to use pain control that does not require any drugs.

TherapEZE is another product Clint created. It is made from a revolutionary new material that feels absolutely wonderful on the skin. It can be cooled to -5 degrees Fahrenheit, and then direct skin contact is cool and very soothing. Clint is currently working with our team to identify a pathway to market his inventions. We provide personal attention and are focused on the details for your ideas.